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Which cage do you think will be best?

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I've been looking for new cages for my 3 (maybe soon to be 4) parrotlets (1 bonded pair and either 1 or 2 singletons) and I'm looking at these two at the moment:
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I'm leaning more towards the first one as all my birds inhabit my bedroom with me at the moment and while I do have the space for the second option I'm worried they're too big? I also don't know for certain if the two singletons will get along (they're siblings from different clutches and I think they're both girls) so having the dividers offered in the first cage option might be best. Then, if I have to use the dividers the singleton birds will still have a L 19" x H 21" x 18" personal cage.

My birds have a lot of out of cage time as is but I want them to have the best housing I can give them, so, please share your honest thoughts on which cage yall think would be best for me, my birds, and my situation. Thanks!
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This is what I ended up with Rio. My first two birds stayed on the top so I had smaller cages but Rio is all over this cage. He has plenty of room to play around when he has the cage for the day. Other days he has access to the same room or the whole house depending on what we are doing. The cage has lots of places to put stuff and we move things around including water and food locations just to keep his world different.

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