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Welcome to the community. We are glad to have you.
We are also a parrotlet community and not budgie community. You might be able to get better info for that species from our sister communities talkbudgies and talkparrots. (Link below)
I am not sure what is up with your bird but you are definitely in a pickle. He looks like he is either mutilating himself or your other birds are doing it.
If I was in your situation I think I would start with a good avian vet to get him checked out to be sure he does not have any issues or parasites like mites chewing on him and causing him to chew.
I am also alarmed by the "he always jumps and lands on his back/wings" statement. Birds normally do not like being on their backs. It makes me wonder if he is having some sort of fits which is why a vet trip is necessary.
I would also remove him from the area of other birds and animals to be sure not to aggravate him or them.
How much sleep is he getting? Lack of sleep is a big issue with birds and cause all sort of hormonal and bad behavior. Make sure he gets at least 12 hours of quiet / darkness a day.
Hope that helps some. I do not have budgies so my knowledge of things specific to their species is a bit sparse.

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