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Just found today an UK-based site with a lot of interesting information about parrots:
It's about various parrots, but there is obviously information applicable to parrotlets as well.

So far we only have a 8-years old Pacific parrotlet Chizhik and one year old budgie, but are still planning for Hahns Macaw at some point in a future.
I think small parrots like our Chizhik and our budgie Kuzya are even more conservative in food preferences than bigger parrots. Still, I continue trying to introduce new food.
The very common problem is small parrots only willing to eat seeds, refusing pellets and fresh vegetables and fruits. Even for parrots who are allowed to be out of their cages most of the day, the amount of physical activity is much smaller than for wild birds, while the amount of high calorie foods is much bigger.
On that site I found several very interesting links:
Bird Beak Parrot Feather Wing

Bird Beak Feather Parrot Output device
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