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Hi all,

I am still missing my bird Bibi. We lost her about 3 years ago.
Am thinking about getting another bird, but i am not sure if it is doable atm.

I am starting a new job in a couple of months.
Atm i work from home (so the next couple 2 months i am around a lot), but with the new job i start in the office with training. This means in the worst case, i would be gone for work from 7am till 6pm 4 days a week for the first period at my new job.
I am not sure if this is doable, because the bird also needs about 12hours sleep. I could only spend 1-2 hours a day with the bird during office days.

Is it possible to put the bird to bed around 8 or 9 pm by covering the cage, and uncover it in the morning around 6.30am? To just check on the bird and give fresh food etc. Or does this disturbe the bird too much?
How do you fulltime workers with birds do this?

I work 4 days, so 3 days off and enougj time for the bird.

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I think it is doable. Mainly because I have done it.
My newest guy is Rio who used to go to bed at 6 EST / 7 EDT. I have successful pushed his nite-nite time to 8pm EST.
We uncover him in the morning before we leave for work and he naps the rest.

With our previous guys they were never covered and we had a light come on at 10am that woke them up. So it all comes down to your configureation but the point is they are a bit flexible on start times and stops but still need about 12 hours of quiet time preferable in dark.
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