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Thermo perch or heated pad - dangers?

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I have been researching around and wanted to get the TalkParrotlets feel for this issue....heated perches.

People claim it will burn their little feet or the birds chew through the wires etc.

Anyone have actual stories to tell or advice?

I live in Toronto and its cooooold and I know my p'let would like a little warmer but I dont want to regret this purchase for her own safety.

Thanks all
Sam & Lilly
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There was problems with burnt toes with the heated perches and that can happen with any product but I would be afraid. They have heat panels which can be mounted on the wall near the cage so that the bird doesn't get close enough to eat it or chew on it. I would probably go with that. I also hang a fleece buddy in the cage for mine to hide in.
I wouldn't take any chances either, as cold as it gets in "your neck of the woods". Heat panels seem like a good idea.

I have a heat unit I turn on in the area for Ollie & Peri-----they are fine with it.
I have one of the extra small avitec heat panels for Figgy and one for my crimson bellied conure. I love them, and so do they. In the winter I leave my on 24/7 and have had no issues. I checked with the company on how long they could be left on and they stated they leave theirs on from October through May without turning them off. I use the cage mount instead of wall mount, it hangs on outside of cage. My birds just love them !! When they get chilled they will sit in front of them. At night I still cover their cages on three sides with fleece blanket but heat panel can't be covered so I keep that side open; which helps hold in heat at night from panel. During day I put small towel over top of cage just above panel on that side so that also helps hold in warmth during the day. After their baths they both run right over to preen in front of their heaters. Just have to make sure cord is positioned so that can't reach it but where cord is located and the cage mount really helps so they can't reach anyway. Good testimonials also about them on their web site. At night they both still prefer to sleep in their tents on other side of cages but the heater helps keep the temperature constant and warm. I have been considering getting a couple for spares Incase these quit working- I don't think Figgy or Ollie would be happy without them. I have been using one for my parrotlet now for almost 2 years and my conure is a baby but I made sure his cage had one from the first day I brought him home. In summer I don't use them during day unless they had a bath, but I do use them at night during Sumer because we have air conditioning and my husband prefers it cooler. I think they are well worth the investment.
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here's a link to the Avitec page with the heat panels. I have a small one that i'm happy with. It doesn't get very hot, I can touch the front of it w/o being burned. I often see Dexter climbing the cage in front of it. I usually have the top part & sides of the cage covered. it traps enough heat to keep them warm but also also them to move to a cooler spot if needed.
Small AviTemp Heat Panel (11" x16") 50W- Including Std Cage Mount
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