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hi all.
great news, The Pickles are in the same cage together.
they are getting on really well.
i am suprised at how well they are doing together, he is even feeding her.
seeing that she is a spectacled and he is a celestial they get on great.
i wiil keep you informed of how things progress, i know it is early day's yet , but all is looking well.
he is very protective of her, they preen one onother,sleep together, as i am typing this they are tucking into some millet.
she is still being had fed at the moment, she is on 3 feeds a day.
i have read that spectacles take longer to wean than celestials.
she is 6 weeks old.
she is eating millet and seed quite well at the moment , but we are still feeding her to be on the safe side.
the books say's they weigh 25 grams, she is that weight .
she only drops a gram when we weigh her in the morning.
things are looking well, he is a happy chap .
all the best steve.
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