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Hi Guys! I had to share this post from my forum, it's too good not to share :)

Hi guys. I decided to put hide-a-huts on sale for the weekend at a GREAT price. This is a good chance to get them at a very low price so if you need one or need to get a replacement to keep on hand, now's the time. My own smaller birds enjoy these on their play areas as much as they do in their cages. That's one reason I decided to put this under environmental enrichment. These are also a great way to hide treats or toys to encourage exploration. Put a nutriberry or small treat inside and be sure they see you do it. Then, let them go in and get it. One word of warning - if you've got any females that feel they need to nest, you will need to be careful of offering them these. Some females see these as ideal nesting sites. My own female budgie Kiwi, laid two eggs in hers this spring!

The Cozy Parrot Website

Gena does a fantastic job making these - we use them with our birds at home and for some in our adoption flock at the shop. I really like supporting her efforts - as they are geared towards improving the birds lives and making care easier too! She has other really great products like travel cage covers, debris catchers, and now poop cloths (which I need to get my hands on)! I hope everyone will take a chance to check out her websiste and support her efforts!!! There are big companies that make cozy products, but they are not as well made and you don't get to support someone like Gena buying those either.
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