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Sparky had hurt his foot about 10 days ago - a small cut. I could tell it bothered him because he tended to favor the other leg. Otherwise he behaved normally.

We followed our Vet's recommedations and took care of it. However, in addition to the care and cleaning, we decided to keep the birds separated by the plexiglas divider I had made for the cage (they like to try o bite each others feet - its their favorite game :rolleyes: ). In protest, Sparky pulled out all of his tailfeathers! :eek: :eek: :eek: .

He can still fly, but he's a little less maneuverable and he looks bat-like when he flies :cool: . Fortunately, I noticed that he has begun to molt so, hopefully he'll have a new tail soon :rolleyes: .

We've kept the divider in and let them play together when we are home - it seems to be working out very well, they even return to their separate sides on their own when it's time for bed. It turned out well besides the tail incident that is ;) . Oh, his foot healed :) .

I'll post some pictures once I take some good ones.


Art S.
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