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you birds big & small will love this!

Here is what I use:

1/4 cup of each (dried, found by the rice at the store)
white beans (small)
white rice
wild rice
popcorn kernals (regular old popcorn you would use in a pot)
you can add other beans, or lentles, barley etc. as you preffer

soak overnight, then drain & rinse the next day. Put in a pot and cover about 1 inch over with warm water. slowly simmer for about 1 hour.

drain & rinse again, then cool. for easy meals, put in ice trays and freeze, then pop them out & put in a freezer bag. Pull out as many as you need, and defrost on the counter for about 15 minutes.

(a sugestion, for first timers, try getting a small bag of the "bean soup mix" it will have a lot of beans, hopefully the peas etc. that way just add the rice, and you dont have to buy a ton until they get totally hooked to it!)

a note: dont use black bean, it makes the mix all grey & dirty looking, really gross lol

and you can also add pasta, they love it!
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