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Hello yall!

So recently I posted about my p'lets Lemmy and Penny laying their first clutch. Of the 6 eggs only one turned out to be fertile which resulted in our beautiful Poofy (named after Fairy Oddparents). Lemmy and Penny have been amazing parents but Penny has just laid the first egg in her second clutch.

I have a cage set up for Poofy and have been trying to transition her as Lemmy and Penny have been getting a bit snippy with Poof between feeding her. Alas, Poofy is not having it and just wants to sleep in the nestbox with her parents still. Poof will erractly fly and flit around her cagr gnawing at the bars trying to escape. Now, I know that I am so soft when it comes to my birds, they are so so spoiled so seeing Poofy so distressed is hard and I break easily. However, with the next clutch on the way I am worried that Poofy might hurt and/or negatively impact the new babies as she is 6 weeks old tomorrow.

Thus, do yall have any solutions for transitioning Poof to her own cage? Do I have to put her in a different room, at least initially? Would it possibly be okay to leave her with them (I doubt it but I'm hopeful)? Do I just bite the bullet? Any advice at all would be wonderful!
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