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The forum rules have been updated for 2021. Please refer to the updated forum rules below.

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Updated Forum Rules

If you notice a post has broken a rule, Please Report the post. To do this, simply click the button located at the bottom left of the post. Remember that we are not always on the site at all times, so your help in spotting spam and recognizing other violations is greatly appreciated!

Post in the proper forum. Do not post a question about Parrotlet diseases in the training forum. If you do post in the wrong forum the thread may be moved to the proper forum. This also happens by accident, please message a moderator if you need your thread moved.

No “Spamming”: Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. Do not mass-PM or mass-Email multiple members of this community the same message. Do not post for the sake of increasing your post count. We understand sometimes this happens by accident, not to worry. Just message a moderator, we are happy to help you delete, edit or merge your posts.

When posting a new thread, use a descriptive title. Do not use titles such as: "Question", "Help me!” or post elusive titles with the intent to entice views or attention grab. This makes it difficult to search topics and is distracting to some users. Titles such as "Question about Parrotlet behavior" or "What should I do if my Parrotlet is..." are good examples of thread titles.

No “Offensive” Language, Posts, Links or Images: TalkParrotlets is a family-friendly forum; Do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory or are otherwise in violation of any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile, bookmarks as well as posted images, photos and avatars. The use of symbols and asterisks in place of profanity is prohibited. Moderators will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.

Don't post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation!!!!?!?!??!! It's distracting, and could be interpreted as rude. Do not use overly large font, bold lettering or Distracting Colors. In addition to being a distraction and hard on the eyes, depending on the use you may be found in violation of Tone.

Tone: Be respectful and polite at all times. Re-read what you type before you submit your post. Could what you wrote be offensive? Could it be taken the wrong way? Is it degrading or disrespectful in any way? These are questions you should think about before submitting posts, especially in a heated discussion or when members disagree with each other. Please note that passive aggressiveness towards other members will be considered a violation of tone. If a member is found to consistently use questionable tone, a moderator will reach out to you about correcting the issue. If your tone fails to show improvement overtime, or you become combative in nature when approached the Moderators reserve the right to Ban you from the forum as a last resort to restore a respectful, productive and welcoming community.

No “Flaming”: Flaming is the act of posting or sending offensive messages. Examples of flaming are anything that harass, insult, belittle, or threaten another member. This often results in the trading of insults between members on the forum and derails legitimate topics from being productive. Always err on the side of humility and be courteous to each other especially when discussing different opinions. Should an all out “Flaming War” occur be aware that moderators will not play a game of “Who started it”. Everyone is responsible for their own words.

No “Trolling”: Please do not post any topic that disrupts the peace and harmony of this community. Do not create meaningless threads with the sole purpose of starting a dispute. This includes messages in profiles, signatures and private messages.

Do not post reviews, positive or negative, regarding any specific breeder. In addition, it is not allowed to mention any business owners by name. This includes public messages. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be receive a warning or is at risk of being banned, and all posts/PMs in question will be deleted. If somebody is requesting information about a certain breeder, you can privately message or email the member only.

No Self Promoting: Do not post any messages on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, MLM, activity, sales or other entities that you have an affiliation with. (i.e. No self-promoting). You may post links that are strictly bird related to products or websites you are unaffiliated with for the purpose of discussion, questions or recommendations. Creating a “false appearance” of participation to post spam will not be tolerated and you may be banned without warning.

Post in English only. In addition, do not post in net speak, lee speak, etc. (For example, type "like" instead of "lyke", "cause" instead of "cuz", etc.) This will make your posts easier to read, and will help members understand your posts if English is not their primary language. Also Please take advantage of Spell Check

Do not post large pictures. Basically, any picture that distorts the forum tables can be considered large. If you have a large picture that needs resizing, ask for some assistance or simply provide a link to the picture instead. Be sure that any pictures/articles you post are not copyrighted before you post them!

Do not bump threads (making posts in a thread just to bring it to the top of the list). Threads appear in order of most recent threads and replies, and based on your individual viewing habits (example: unread or updated since your last visit).

Only one account per user. Do not create multiple accounts. If you do, all your accounts will be banned. If you attempt to create another account to bypass a ban, your IP address will be banned. If you are forced to create a second account due to being locked out or inactive please contact us immediately and we will work to restore your old account.

Moderators have the final say. The only way a moderator's decision can be overruled is if the admins overrule it. Staff has the right to close any thread they feel is getting off-topic or out of hand, as well as delete or edit any inappropriate posts. Bans can and will be taken against anyone who consistently or intentionally breaks a rule or causes "drama." If we give you a warning, please take it seriously. We do not want to have to ban you. Moderators discuss all issues and come to an agreement before action is taken. Do not attempt to pit moderators against each other.

You are ultimately responsible for your account. If someone hacks into your account, or if someone uses your computer and account, you are still responsible. Any and all disciplinary measures taken against your account due to another person's actions will stand, there are no exceptions.

Thank you all for your contributions, they are what make this forum wonderful.

Your “Super Moderators”
Ozzie, Rubydoo and Mrs.JP3
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