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Quiet vs warm for sleeping?

  • Quiet - his own bedroom / 67- 68 degrees

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  • Minor sounds (in neighboring room) / 73-74 degrees

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Sorry that I have been away for a few days. I am old and not too well. Noise really doesn't bother a bird at night unless it is loud and all night long. They do have to have darkness. If your bird is in another room at night and it never gets below 67 degrees, he should be fine as long as there is no drafts on him. It is getting winter and will the temps be dropping in that room? I wouldn't let the temp get below the 67 degree mark. The cooler it is for a tropical bird, the more energy it takes for him to keep his temperature up and regulated. Covering him is a must. It is suggested that a cover must cover the top two-thirds of the cage all the way around it. It is only a suggestion.

P'letts can live in the temperature we can live in and tolerate. But remember, when we get cold, we put on a sweater to keep warmer. Your bird will have to puff up all night if it gets too cold. This takes energy away from him, but he will survive.

Just to be sure, I always have my mineral oil radiator going to regulate the temperature. It is quiet, clean and self contained. I put it near the cage on low or the medium setting.

To solve your problem, I would put your bird in the 74 degree room with a little noise in the adjacent rooms, unless it is party time all night long. He will sleep.

I’ve been wondering the same for my sweet Scooter. Thanks for always having such great suggestions and advice!
Also, you said you are not well. Hoping it’s nothing serious. Thinking of you.
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