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Hi! He may be cold because he is so young! What is the temperature there? Do you cover him at night? Does the air conditioner blow on him? You need to have a spray of millet in his cage all the time! This is the best extra food a baby can have. It gives them extra energy to build up body heat and is very agreeable to them. If you are not giving him millet, please do so and hurry! He can eat when he wants to on the spray of millet.

It is so nice to see you feeding him! He does not seem to fear your hands right now. Keep him in his cage for a few days. I know you want to play with him and hold him, but try to let him settle in. If you do take him out, then keep it brief.

I just remembered something...sometimes baby birds fluff up when they are hungry or they are being fed. If he constantly stays puffed/fluffed up, then he is cold or sick. Keep an eye out on his poo do's. He is such a cutie!

If he stays puffed up a couple of more days, I would take him to an Avian vet! Right now, just watch him closely.

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