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P'let Mama with some more Questions

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Hey everyone, does everyone like my new T-shirt? I love it!!! But this thread isn't about that...
Your advice worked and Dodi will step up on my finger willingly, but will jump off or fly off of it.
Is there a way to keep them on? Or is it just time and him feeling comfortable with my finger/hand/me?
I added toys and more perches and it's been good because he's become more confident and versatile
getting around. He's even been to the bottom of his cage to eat food when I hadn't filled up his food bowl
yet. Dodi is really doing well. Are there any more trust activities that I should be enforcing?
I'm working on him coming closer to me on his main perch with a treat, I'm hoping he will be able to fly
to my finger one day inside his cage and then outside, but I know it all takes time. I am just really proud
of him. He goes from strength to strength. He came out of his cage the other day as we put his food at the door
and he had a fly around and then flew back to his cage for some more food which is the first time he's gone back
without us having to catch him. Basically I am a proud P'let mama, because he's come so far in the past 4/5 months.
Your help has been invaluable!!!
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Thank you for the compliment! We always stress patience and persistence as a key to getting a p'lett to do things. You are doing fine! Now, when he gets around 6-10 months, you may experience some " terrible twos " behavior ( puberty ) from Dodi. He may get moody and bitey and pushy, so just bear with it! It may last 1-3 months or so. Each bird is different. They do come out of it. You will know when he is starting to go through this phase! My first p'lett was a monster for exactly 30 days, then...poof! He decided to be a sweetie again.Just like that!

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OOPS! I forgot to tell you that I love that shirt! Where did you get it?

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