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Yeah it stinks. I loved it for the smell alone, it smelled fantastic! I’m looking up some new food since Amazon screwed up my order. The big thing is that Piko also wastes a lot of the Food. I don’t know if he just gave up on trying to bite the bigger seeds/pellets but I would say at least 50% of the food he doesn’t eat. So I’m trying out a different brand.

Piko is ok. I’m sort of in another situation with him since he loves to be outside, once it’s cold again it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t the biggest fan of staying inside the house. I tried since he was young with toys and all sorts of things but he just never got into them . But he loves to stay on the couch and look out the window a lot.

I can tell he needs more stuff to do but I can’t seem to find out what he wants to play with,etc. So far not much luck with that. I’m afraid that as the years go on if I can’t find anything he might start plucking.
They like to go in things and chew so try small boxes like a tea box with the lid off. Kiwi lives to hang out and scratch around at it and chew on the sides. Cheap but entertaining. I also stuff a paper towel in the bars of her cage and she chews and shreds it to bits.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts