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Passing of my chirpies...

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Hello everyone, last week 2 of my 3 parrotlets died in a tragic accident. My roommate and I have been crying uncontrollably. We loved them so much, our hearts are broken and we are just lost without them and so is our little Bjork. Her personality has made a 180º change. She's so quiet; she chirps every now and then, probably calling for her sisters. She's also letting us preen her with our fingers, which until now she has been very reluctant of. She was bonded with one of them from hatching and she's never been alone for this long. I am so worried about this because I feel she's just so lonely. She's eating just fine. We are giving her much more affection and we give her space if she needs it. What can I do to help her cope other than giving her more affection? Although I don't want to get another parrotlet right away because I don't want her to be a replacement for us nor for Bjork, I understand it might be a solution. Is there any time frame we should wait to introduce a new parrotlet to her? I'm just so helpless when I see her trying to preen her face by rubbing against the cage bars and when she sleeps by herself at night in a big cage. Thanks in advance to everyone for their input!
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of two of your babies :( Very heart wrenching :(

As for Bjork, give her time, I'm sure she needs to grieve and is coping as much as she can, just like you and your roommate are. There's unfortunately no guarantee that she'll get along with another bird...
I'm so sorry for your loss. :( I agree with Jinx in that your little one needs time.
So sad -- :(
So sorry to hear this and I know you are grieving so is Bjork. Jinx is right there is no guarantee that Bjork and any new p'let will get along and may need to be housed separately. Just give her extra attention and time with you.
So sad! I am so sorry for your loss.
Sorry to hear of the loss of you p'lets. I must chime in with the others to let Bjork have her own grieving time. As horrible as this will sound, this may the be the perfect time for you to bond with Bjork. Her pain will allow you to be the piece she's missing. Good luck and again, my deepest sympathies for your loss.
I am so so sorry for your loss. It must be heartbreaking to lose these little children. I agree with trying to bond with bjork
What happened?
Trying to bond with Bjork may seem like an intrusion to her if you weren't bonded before. We mean well, but it imposes a certain amount of stress on a birdie. Just thinking out loud here. But I'm sure she will appreciate extra kindness and treats if she will take them now. So sorry for your loss. Bless all of you..
Thanks everyone for your sympathies. Bjork is bonding with my roommate and me but I believe she's bored when we're not home. she's demanding to be out all the time, which is a sign she's feeling better.

SteveO - We can only come up with one theory. The Dr. said suffocation was the cause of death. Last week, it was a nice day outside. We decided to turn off the AC and open the windows, I was out of state, roommate went to work, and we had a guest staying over. Well, apparently the people that cut the grass were spraying lawn pesticides. I did some research. apparently, more than 30 kinds of lawn pesticides can be toxic. What's even more upsetting is that we didn't know they sprayed those things, until my roommate, a horticulture teacher, recognized discoloration of grass outside our home. This was later confirmed by the leasing office. They didn't even MARK THE LAWN! or give anyone any notice...
Oh My Stars. My Heart breaks for you. I would so be having a talk with my management company. I am familiar with your trio from previous postings. I am so very sorry. :(
Dear jlrarch, Iam so sorry for your loss. I lost 3parrakeets so I know how devestating it can be. Will say a prayer for you. In my case the 1female died due to egg binding I got a friend for Big Boy which was suppose to be a male. Big Boy bonded to her right away. So I am in favor of introducing a new friend to help with the grief. You have to do what feels right for you and bjork. What signals is she giving? Does she seem terribly lonely?Spend some time reading her and you'll know what to do. My deepest sympathies, Bonnie
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