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Apologies for the delay in posting this month's contest!

Parrotlet Of The Month is a contest where you can enter a photo of your bird, matching the set theme for the month, for a chance to win a POTM winner's banner.

Open for entries: 4th - 27th January
Voting: 27th January - 1st February
Winner announced: 1st February


1. Anyone can enter this contest, even if you've won before.
2. You cannot use a winning picture from a previous POTM.
3. Enter only one photo per month.
4. Photos must be your own, of your own parrotlet or a
you live with. No stealing photos from the Internet or other members.
5. No pity posts (ex. "Oh, my photo will never win... :( ")
6. Keep editing to cropping/resizing/sharpness/etc.
7. All images, posts and comments must abide by forum rules.
8. Rainbow parrotlets are allowed provided the picture fits the theme.
9. All props and anything else included in your photo should be safe for your hamster. If you have any concerns about an entry, please PM me.

How to enter:

Please read the rules before entering!

Upload your photo by clicking the icon circled in red, in the image below. Select your image, and add your parrotlet’s name.

You can also use an image hosting site such as Imgbb or Imgur which makes it easier for me to post the voting thread. :)

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This months theme is bird bum/butt as chosen by ozzie3690. Thank you ozzie!

Good luck!

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This is the bottom of Bigboy! I just loved every part of him. Please excuse my excitement about these "contests". I haven't been able to share my Bigboy in years, and I miss him so.
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I am trying to get a bum pic of rio. He is not cooperating.:p:p Still working on it.
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