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Parrotlet licked mascara!

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Hello! I have a parrotlet named Oliver and he is about 6 years old. Yesterday evening I was holding him and I forgot I had mascara on. And he started preening my eyelashes. I quickly moved him away and brought him to his cage to drink water. I don't think he ingested any but I'm not 100% sure as it was all so quick. I am kicking myself at forgetting I had makeup on. I'm especially nervous because I had a cockatiel die tragically from eating a house plant.

The mascara: ColourPop act natural defining mascara.

My vet recommended coming in if he was acting abnormally and if he is acting fine to contact a pet poison control line to check the mascara ingredients but I don't even think he ate any, just licked it.

I wanted any opinions or if you've had something similar happen let me know how it went.
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Given what you said I think you he is safe.

He most likely was not that interested in eating as much as cleaning you (preening) so most likely was kicking anything away from you and him.

Remember that our little ones work at a very high digestive system. A problem would most likely have shown my now so everybody dodged a bullet on this one.
Don't beat yourself up to much on this. Just your interest in this and writing shows you care a lot for you little ones. We all try to do our best for them but stuff like this happens no matter how much we try.

BTW-Welcome to our site. Hope you stick around.
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