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Parrotlet growling/ attacking people

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Hello Everyone,

I recently got a male parrotlet, his name is Sam.
For the past two days now he has started lunging, growling, making funny noises & just getting really pissed off with people that try to pet him.
Im home all day so he is out of his cage with me most of the day.
When my mom works at home she will open his cage door so that he can come out on his own and he would normally fly to her head or shoulder... Now he wont let her pet him or take him out (He will start chipping loudly and lunging)
What do i do to stop him from doing this :S
Do i have to let other people open his cage in the morning instead of me doing it?
He also only lets me pick him up.
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Usually having the other person act as the caretaker for awhile will help. Have someone else feed him or open the cage in the morning. Also, handing him off to other people who are not afraid if he does go to lunge to get him used to be handled by others. P'lets usually prefer one person but if handled properly they can adapt to other people
He sounds like he is getting more settled in and isn't "on his best behavior" anymore. He's maybe becoming territorial about his cage, which is very common with p'lets. Check out some of the posts about territorial behavior on the forums, they are very helpful. Be patient, a lot of us have similar experiences. My p'let has decided that not only is his cage his territory, but all around the loveseat and the floor as well. And he growls at me too.
Normal P'let behaviour, could also be his hormones...
Is he moulting? they get very nasty sometimes when they are.
Thank you!
All your reply's are very helpful.
Im fairly new at this :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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