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Hi everyone,

We are the owners of a Pacific Parrotlet and we just adore him!!! When we first brought him home we bought a PRICEY fleece, snuggle, sleep toy and our little guy gets right in the middle of it and snuggles all night. We were inspired to create a more cost affective version and viola...The "Snuggle Bug" was born. We use only bird friendly materials and each "Snuggle Bug" is hand made and come in small, medium & large sizes. They are made of prewashed fleece, fun beads, rope accents, bells & toys. We can even personalize your "Snuggle Bug" with your birds name and/or choice of fleece color/design.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We promise, your bird will thank you for a "Snuggle Bug" buddy!! :)

Kristine & Kerrie
[email protected]
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