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Nika’s fascination with my hair

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Just an update with Nika. She was 14 months old when I purchased her from a bird shop last December. I’ve had her for 5 months now. She still doesn’t play with any of her toys and is still a sweet “Perch Potato”. She enjoys being out on her little playground for about 2 hours during the day, while I watch her eat her vegetables. I have let her flight feathers grow out thinking she might want to fly around, but she is just happy being out sitting on her playground munching, with me sitting with her. If I get up to go into another room, she just sits on her playground and waits until I come back. She is so mellow. My previous parrotlet (Tommaso) who passed away last year was opposite of Nika’s personality. I’m not complaining. I’m just noting how different each individual parrotlet is. She is my first female bird. I’ve always had male birds of different variety of breeds. Nika’s thing at night is to call for me so she could hop on my shoulder and move into my hair before bedtime. Even if I cover her at night, she’ll still call for me. I would uncover her, open her door, and she jumps on my shoulder to rest in my hair, making her cute grinding noises. I need to give her the shoulder/hair time before she goes back to her cage to sleep. (No matter how late it is, she does this before she settles down into a nice slumber). During the day, after putting her back in her cage, she happily does these tiny little soft chirps while looking outside. I’m not home all day, so it’s just interesting how she needs her hair/shoulder time at night before sleeping. 🤷‍♀️

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Nika is so cute! She looks so happy in your hair! 💗
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