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Needing something to cuddle?

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Hello! my little lusi usually sleeps in rope toys. She seems to be comforted by sleeping in the middle of them. I recently had to take them out due to lots of fraying but now I feel bad because I feel like she seemed to enjoy cuddling with something. I understand huts and cuddly things can cause hormonal issues which I do not want but I just want her to feel secure and comfortable when she sleeps. Any thoughts or suggestions??
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I tie a piece of fleece near a perch like an old-fashioned "tent" for my snuggle monster. He really likes it.
If you had to remove the rope perches because she was chewing on them, I would be very cautious about giving her fleece. What is to stop her from chewing on that? I cannot have anything like that near my male. He is a chewer. He sees a bath towel and he wants to chew on it. I have a fleece covered neck pillow I have to hide when he is out his cage. Plus, as you mentioned, hormones are an issue, and with females you risk unwanted egg-laying. Anything warm and comfy can mean "nest" to them. I know we all want our birds to be comfortable, but when our birds are chewers we have to be cautious with what we allow them.
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Tumi doesn't chew on the fleece, BUT I have sometimes tied paper towels instead of fleece. It gives the snuggle without giving a nest.
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