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So I thought i'd post a bit on what has been birding around in my life. As i haven't really posted much, though I have still been trolling around :)

So the lovebird Ester I returned to Judy. Mainly because I felt like she needed more food than I was offering her (not weaning off as nicely as I felt she should be), so I thought Judy could handle her better.
Shortly there after, someone fell in love with her, so I relinquished ownership.

Meanwhile, I was feeling sad depressed and lonely and decided to invest in another bird.
So I found myself a little Quaker parrot in which I named Hanzo :)
Hanzo was being weaned off at Judy's house, and though I could've taken him now, I decided to not take him until I move (which is in two weeks!).
He's a little sweetheart and since I finally got my license (whoohoo!) I've been visiting him weekly and he's started recognizing me :D
So I get to take him home in a few weeks... finally! Not having a bird in so long is KILLING me!

I also help out at the aviary a lot. But, alas I've fallen in love with so many birds it's silly. I am definately suffering from MBS (Multiple bird syndrom :p). I think after I get more settled into university I might invest a bit of money into a friend for Hanzo (though probably not another Quaker... they are expensive!!). I was thinking either a lovebird pair, which if I had time I could breed and co-parent. Though I have started falling in love with parrotlets again! Like really in love!
There is this gorgeous little blue parrotlet that roams free around Judy's, she is such a sweetheart. Oh, makes me miss Kai so much!
I still cry about him sometimes :(

Well now my update has become kind of depressing.
Well yeah, that's what has been going on in my life!

Love, Ming
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