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How to trim Green Rumped Parrotlets nails?

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I've read that Green Rumps are very sensitive to getting their nails clipped. I'm not sure how true one breeder told me it was, but she said it can be so traumatic (not from over cutting the nail) that the Green Rump can die.

I do have a nail clipper for birds, and I know to cut the literal tinkest amount. But boy is PIko great at clamping his nails anytime I want to cut them. He HATES it.

Now. I did have on idea. I do hate these perches, but I was going to get the better type of half sand half regular. Just put it in his cage for a little bit till his nails are nice and then remove them since i know they are not good for his feet and could cause cuts.

If any of you think this might be the best way to go about it do you know the best brand to get?

I've even tried the towel method to calm him down but even with the dremel sand paper he curls up his nails to where i can't get to any of them and his front ones need to start getting filed down.
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Wow, you got Green Rumped! I've read that they are rare, that in USA, at least, 99.7% of parrotlets are Pacific.

I also read that sandpaper perches might be dangerous and hurt bird's feet. I think cement ones are OK.
Somehow for 26+ years we have Pacific parrotlets we never needed to clip birds' nails. We had to clip our previous parrotlet's beek per times, my wife did it herself, I would be scared to death to do it. That necessity was unfortunate due to problems with bird's liver. That parrotlet still lived with us for 14 years. Our current parrotlet Chizhik is 9 year old and we never needed to clip neither nails nor beek.

It is important to have natural wood perches of various diameters (grape or manzanita wood etc.). It is going to have some (semi)flat perches as well, like this one
It is important to have chewing material available to bird.
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