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Hey everyone! Like most little birds, there's few things our Niko loves more than demolishing some corn on the cob!

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Problem is, I'm not entirely sure how much he should be eating.

The Internet vaguely tells me not to feed him corn more than once a week - but I'm unsure if that's an entire cob a week or a certain amount.

I've currently been cutting the cob into thin slices (approx 2-3 kernels deep) - and feeding him a little bit every other day after breakfast... until I come across an article that says it's full of sugar and should only be given once a week.

I then see other videos where they chunk an entire cob into the cage and let their little peckers go to town.

Any bird nutritionists in the room who could kindly advise please?

Speaking of bird nutrition....

We always mix things up (seeds, veggies, egg food, pellets, chilli etc), but we guess a little in regards to portions. I wondered if there's an optimal nutrition plan that's loved in the community, which breaks each potion into recommended sizes, i.e.
  • 1 gram egg food and 0.5 grams b14 pellets in morning
  • 1 gram treat for lunch (broccoli, cauliflower, corn etc)
  • 1 gram mixed seeds 2 hours before bed

Sorry, two questions here I know
- just trying to make sure he can be as healthy as possible and I know nutrition is vital!

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Hi Lee, welcome to the forum! Nice having you join us! Niko is adorable! I love the pic. He sure looks like he is enjoying his breakfast! :)

I am so glad you are asking about diet. It is an important topic, but unfortunately, there are no bird nutritionist on the forum. In fact, there are very little bird nutritionist anywhere. There have not been enough studies done (probably due to lack of funding) to help us as bird owners determine what the ideal diet is for our birds. And with every bird being different, there is no one set food plan that is going to work for every bird. Just never give up trying to get Niko to eat different veggies. You have to offer them every day no matter what. It is a challenge, but you need to be more stubborn than they are. Try offering vegetables in all shapes and sizes - whole, chopped, diced, raw, steamed, sliced. Sometimes you just stumble across something that works by accident. They may like some things whole, and some things chopped. Who said having a bird was easy? :LOL: It is hit and miss for a while but you will figure it out. Plus, feed them veggies first thing in the morning when they are hungry and more willing to try something new. And give them as much as they want. The dark leafy greens are particularly nutritious for them. My bird loves Brussel sprouts and kale. Regarding corn, check the ingredients in your pellets. If corn is the first ingredient listed, then you should probably not give fresh corn more than once a week Too much corn is not good for them – besides having too much sugar, it is not very nutritious either. I think giving any bird a whole corn cob is way too much! Be sure to add grains to your bird’s diet like quinoa or brown rice. Have you tried sprinkling seeds over the veggies? That may encourage Niko to try something new. Even though your bird may just eat the seeds at first, it can help them acquire a taste for the veggies. I like sprinkling a little chia seed because it sticks to the veggies more.

Also, it is best to keep seeds/pellets in your bird’s cage 24/7. Parrotlets have very high metabolisms and they need to eat throughout the day. If you are unsure of something, always check to make sure the food is safe before giving it to them. As far as my bird’s diet, I have a baby bird and am pushing the veggies and grains first, then seeds and pellets. I am still trying to get him to some eat nuts and fruit. I am not measuring anything right now. Others may be able to give you more specific amounts of what they feed their bird. With my bird I change things around a bit, so he doesn't get bored eating the same thing every day. It seems to be working. I make a basic chop once a week and add different fresh ingredients to it every day. Most birds are deficient in Vitamin A so be sure to provide Niko with foods like kale, spinach, broccoli, turnip, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin. There is a load of information on the forum that should help you. You will learn as you go, like we all have. Don’t worry, we have all made mistakes. We just try to do our best which sounds like what you are trying to do! It warms my heart when people come to the forum wanting what is best for their bird. We hope you stick around and feel free to ask more questions on whenever you want! How about some more pics of Niko. I love his coloring! :)
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