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Hello~~~ There are a lot of things you can feed your bird. Pellets and seed mixes. Fresh veggies. Nutraberries. Hemp seeds. It all depends on what you want to do. I have always used a good seed mix for my birds. For over 55 years, I mostly had budgies and then for 12 years, I discovered the parrotlet. My first p'lett, named Bogie, started out at 10 weeks old with me, ate ABBA 1600C seed mix. He quickly grew to be 34 grams ( that's one ounce and 5 grams). He was very robust and his coloring was great!
Along with the ABBA, I introduced him to every kind of fresh veggie I could find! He absolutely demanded to have a fresh broccoli floret in the morning, along with anything he could steal from me or my wife's breakfast plate. Every 3-4 days, I gave him some form of egg as a nutritious treat ( fried egg, hard boiled egg, scrambled egg.) Every 3-4 days he had some baked chicken breast, all chopped up like his eggs.

When I bonded with him early on, I used hemp seeds as a feeding treat. I offered him one seed at a time. He felt like he was being fed like a mother hen would feed him or a mate would feed him. He would eat 20-30 seeds at one sitting when we did that. He loved the attention. We bonded quickly.

I always has a spray of millet hanging in his cage for the 10 years he lived.

Some people put out a seed or pellet mix for an hour or so in the morning, then do the same in the evening. I always had a seed bowl in his cage so he could eat every time he wanted. He got fun treats, too! I fed him plain popcorn, nutraberries, freeze dried strawberries and fresh, blueberries, birdie breads, Triscuit ' Hint of Salt " biscuits, Chop, and anything he could steal ( and he was good at it). One time he ate some celery and celery leaves and his crop smelled like celery for a week!

Later in his life, I would give him any cockatiel seed mix, as long as it was low in sunflower and safflower seeds. I kept him with a variety of seed mixes.
I did the same thing to my next parrotlet, named Ricochet. They were very healthy, according to their avian vet.

So, you will find that there are a lot of good foods out there. More forum members will write in and let you know.

David and Vicki

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Birds are foraging animals they sort of look for food and eat all day.
I make seed food available to my guys 24/7. Millet is also available 24/7. Treats are not.
The only time a food is not readily available is if one of them gets single focused on a specific food. When that happens a diet can get unbalanced.
Jules and Bo used to eat a bit of human food when we had our meals. Rio does not seem interested in that so when we eat now he gets some special fresh stuff / seeds.
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You should leave a bowl of some food available for your birds. You can also hide food in foraging toys like this
or in woven mats or specific foraging toys. Just to note toys like this:

tend to be a bit heavy for parrotlets to move. They are only small. Another good option to hide seeds is yucca wood and "bird kabobs" like these Wesco Pet Original Bird Kabob | bird Toys | PetSmart

it depends what is available in Thailand. (That is where your flag is from, correct?)
Birds will forage all day for food, they do not eat food at set times like a dog or cat. However, replace any perishable food every day (such as vegetables and fruit or wet or soiled seed or pellets). I also replace Monty's pellet and seed everyday but that is a personal choice and I only feed a little bit to him each day. Watch to make sure they aren't pooping in the food or getting it wet, and if they are, replace it.

You can feed a mixture of
  • Vegetables (a variety, avoiding onion and garlic among a few others)
  • Seeds (quality seeds, usually avoiding higher fat seeds like sunflower and keeping those for treats)
  • Fruits (avoiding avocado)
  • Pellets (generally encouraged to get the non dyed ones)
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