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Hi there and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your new baby bird! That is very exciting! What a cutie pie he is too. His colouring is amazing. I am sure you two will have many years of joy together!

I never ceases to amaze me how many divergent opinions there are out there on literally everything. I totally agree with Dana that you should speak to your avian vet about diet. I have a very experienced avian vet who recommended that I switch to a high quality pellet when Kiwi was young. She is 18.5 years old now. I use Harrison’s. She also eats pretty much anything we are eating that is safe for a bird to eat including small amounts of fish and chicken, pasta, fruits and veggies, plain popcorn - you get the idea. There is a list of no-no food in the Parrotlet Diet forum here that will be useful for you. I should also add that I do give her seeds and millet from time to time. The fat can be good for them in moderation and depending on their activity level.

As for cages, Kiwi’s large cage for daytime has 5/8” spaced bars and her small sleep/travel cage has 1/2” spacing. She has had her large cage for probably 5 years - it was given to my bird sitter who did not need it so she gave it to me. Before that, all her cages were 1/2” spacing as is the recommended spacing. I have never had any problems but Kiwi was an older bird by the time she got it and less active than a young one. I would never have gone as wide at 3/4 inch but felt safe personally with the 5/8”. As I said, lots of opinions out there. I am not sure I would have chosen the 5/8” spacing when she was little though.

I took Kiwi to an avian vet a few weeks after I got her. I think it is good to establish a baseline the vet can work from should anything happen. She has been with the same avian vet her entire life and it proved very useful when Kiwi got a gastric yeast infection a number of years ago. I was able to get her in very quickly and they already had a good knowledge of her physiology. It also showed me that specialized avian vets are not prohibitively expensive as I had assumed for some reason. In fact, they are quite reasonable particularly compared to the vet bills for my dog. It allowed me to more quickly make a call to take Kiwi in if I was concerned about something.

I am really looking forward to hearing about the big day and your adventures together! It is so fun for us to have new members and see the wee ones. I particularly love to see them given my girl is a senior bird now. They always look so fresh and smooth - lol! Makes me appreciate the years that show on Kiwi all the more.
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