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Hi all,
I just thought I’d do a little introduction here (as I’ll probably be on here looking through the threads a lot).
I’ve been looking to purchase a bird for a couple of months and recently found parrotlets, I’ve been in contact with a breeder for the past few weeks and have finally arranged to pick a little guy up in two weeks time. He’s around 6-7 weeks old right now, and I’m just here to get some general advice on what to expect when I bring him home.

His breeder has been honestly amazing, keeping me updated and answering all of my questions, making sure I knew what I was doing/signing up for etc.

I did have some specific questions though:
The cage I want to get is the yaheetech 52 inch, but I’m a little wary of the bar spacing as many places say 1/2 inch max and it’s just under 5/8 Inches. I’m still in full-time education with a part-time job, so I want the cage to be as large as possible so he doesn’t get bored, but I can’t find a similar size cage with smaller bar spacing.
My second question refers to diet, the breeder has told me not to feed him pellets,I’m perfectly fine with this, but i did just want to check because they’ve recommended a 50/50 diet of seeds and fresh fruit and veg (chop), but I’ve read elsewhere that seeds can be fattening and should be used as treats/rewards.
My final question is in regards to vets, is it necessary I take him to a vet as soon as I get him, or should I just make sure he gets a check up when he’s more comfortable with me and the new environment he’ll be in?

Sorry if this isn’t the right area for questions, I just want to be sure I don’t do anything wrong, I’ve done a lot of research but some of it seems to contradict itself, and the people on here seem really helpful and informative from what I’ve seen so far.

I’ll attach the best picture the breeder has sent me so far, I’m thinking I’ll call him Jet, but I wanted to see him in person and find out about his personality more first before making a final decision.
Bird Vertebrate Parrot Beak Feather

Thank you all so much, and I’ll definitely be on here more once I’ve got him home.
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