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Hi and welcome to the forum! He is adorable!
As far as bar spacing, 5/8 inch would be too big for sure. It can be challenging to find nice, large cages that have the proper spacing. I am not in the UK, but hopefully a UK member can find a link to something that would work. If the bars are too big, it is unsafe, so unfortunately it is better to settle for smaller than have the bars be unsafe.

Regarding vets, it is recommended that you take your bird in for the first check up pretty much right away - I took Tumi within the first week. It was absolutely essential for us, and later saved his life when he got sick that the vet had already seen him and was willing and able to fit him in right away.

Regarding diet, PLEASE talk to your VET about this. Breeders are often amazing at breeding, but they are NOT experts in nutrition. They do not attend any schooling to become a breeder - they just have to have a male and female bird that like each other and produce eggs and young. I can tell you that Tumi's vet had me switch him to pellets because his body condition was less than ideal even though I did not feed him any of the fatty seeds. It is much more challenging to do the switch with an adult bird than a young bird, so please consult with your avian vet about this. I am not saying that breeders don't know how to breed birds, but I am saying that they are NOT avian vets and their knowledge and recommendations should not be substituted for professional recommendations that come from years of education. Not all pellets are alike, just like some dog foods are much higher quality than others - I am currently feeding Tumi "Tops" brand pellets which is the highest quality (and most expensive) available in the United States.

When it comes to names - male parrotlets can mimic, and find it easiest to say names that you could "whistle" in a way. It's hard to describe, but Tumi has no trouble saying his own name. But most of us call our birds a million different things in a day!
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