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Hi all, so glad I found you all.

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Ive just taken in a sweet little blue parrotlet who was no longer wanted, Its supposed to be female but going by descriptions Im not so sure. He/she is very vocal and is interacting with my Cockateil(seperate cages) I cant get any better pics at the moment as he is very skittish when I get too close. HELP


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Hi and welcome to the forum! I know that blues can be a bit more difficult, but the wing edge being a strong blue is a boy trait.
I'm glad to hear that the parrotlet has landed somewhere where he(she) can be wanted. Parrotlets are big parrots in tiny bodies, and they can be challenging do deal with. Having a cockatiel can help you begin to deal with parrotlets - my first bird was a cockatiel, and she taught me a lot about bird ownership. Parrotlets can be very slow to trust, especially in a situation of rehoming, so patience is your friend. And asking questions! Parrotlets have some quirks that other parrots don't have, so it is worth asking because if your parrotlet is doing something strange, probably one of ours has done it too.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts