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Help- she is eating paper

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I gave Pixel some paper to shred and I thought she was shredding it, until I realized the amount of shredded paper residue inside her cage is very little as compared to the amount of missing paper. And I think I also saw it once or twice that she bit the paper, chewed it and it never fell out of her beak.

How do I tell her that paper is a toy and not food?

I had the paper hanging from her ceiling like her other toys...
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LOL! Not sure you can "tell" her paper is a toy and not food! About all you can do is keep paper away from her and give her something else to chew on that you think she doesn't want to eat, then watch her closely to be sure she isn't eating it too.

They need to have stuff to chew on and destroy, but not eat -- you're SURE she's eating it? My P'let likes to shred kleenex and make little "spit balls", but she doesn't eat it.

Good luck!
I don't give my guys too much paper for that reason. Sometimes they eat, sometimes they don't.
Hi Jodeg,

Yes, I think she is eating it, some of it she doesn't eat, i.e. it falls shreds and spits it out, but some of it disappears in her mouth somewhere as she is chewing it

Will try again in a couple of days...
Well, I'd advise you to take the paper away from her then, to be on the safe side. Does she have plenty of other toys to play with?
I have removed the paper... will see later under supervision

Some of the best advice I ever got on this forum was to buy Cricket Shredders ( You can get it in plain or colored.

Its this nice flat woven palm leaf. You get like 30 feet of it per roll for about 5 bucks. I usually cut about a foot and a half strip and weave it thru the bars on his cage. He bites it and unweaves it. He shreds some and decorates his cage. He used to shred papertowels and tissues and anything he could get his beak near. Now about 95% of the time he ignores that stuff if he has Shredders he can go to
Thanks crickets girl, I will check out petsmart for this product.
i thought coffee filters better if human clean then birdie safe too .....right??
Hi and welcome to the forum!
This particular post is more than ten years old, and the original posters are very unlikely to respond as most are no longer active in the forum.
This thread is discussing a particular parrotlet's behavor regarding paper.
Are you wondering if coffee filters are a safe toy for shredding? I can't see any reason they would be unsafe.

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