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Hi everyone!

My name is Andrea and I live in eastern North Carolina with all of my birds! My home flock consisits of:
Severe Macaws - Stella & Bird
Sonny - Sun Conure - '03 hatch
Marco - Congo African Gray - unknown age ('95 hatch or earlier)
PeeWee - Pied Cockatiel - '05 hatch
Bourke Parakeets, wildtype - Cricket & Sweet Pea
Pacific Parrotlets - Virgil & Pepito, Lily & Oliver, TeaCup & Peanut, Tyler & Laney, Skylar & Daisy
Green Rump Parrotlets - Timmy & Tina

Our birds all live in a free flighted bird room and we have everyone clicker trained which is a blast. They are all constantly striving for ways to get that click and treat from me! I get bombarded particularly by the parrotlets when I walk into their room!

We are highly supportive of species appropriate keeping and giving birds flighted space, a natural/holistic approach for diet and care and plenty of toys and foraging opportunities!!

I also own a small bird and bonsai tree shop. We have a very limited amount of hand reared birds and some older birds that enter our adoption program as well that need a new home, or perhaps even some behavioral work and training. I am an avian behavior consultant and spend a great deal of time studying avian medicine, scientific studies and avian psychology. We are in the process of starting non-profit organization for parrot rescue, rehab and rehoming. Our bird shop sales add funds towards the start up of our non-profit.

At Bonsai Birds our mission statment is: "Striving for optimum avian care through education, outreach and experience!"
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