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Based on the scary story I just read in another thread, it seems that we should all be prepared for a medical emergency.

We should know not just an avian vet, but we should know whether they are willing to take an emergency case "now" and not just schedule us for an appointment in a couple of days.

Also, what hours of the day can they take an emergency. 24 hour coverage would be nice but may not be possible, but we should plan now for who to call in case we need help.

There are also supplies that we should have on hand, like hot water bottles and the like. Of course there is already a list on this wonderful site

All this seem obvious, but they are things at least I need to do before I buy a bird (or two...)

Everyone please feel free to either add lists or links with more advice on these topics. I hope everyone's birds stay healthy and happy for a long time.
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