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So sunshine has a new behavior. At 8 pm he flies by my face/head.

Ive been home sick and not feeling like getting up to put him to bed and around 8 pm he comes out of his cage and climbs to the side hanging off the side. I can turn my head and I can look at him but if I move he goes back into his cage.

For the last three nights he has done the same thing. I am sitting still facing forward and he flies to me turns around and flies back. He does not land and I can not even see him but I can feel the air from his wings. It is very fast. He does this a few times then goes back into his cage.

Last night was funny while I didnt see him I felt him do a loop to my head and back across the longest loop yet. He flew into his cage and was so excited! He was chirping up a storm and pacing back and forth!

My hands are folded in my lap, Ive tried holding my hand out but then he goes back into his cage.

I have tried in the past to hold millett in my hand but at that time it was very random that he did this. Maybe Ill try millett tonight.

He still is skittish if I move he goes back into his cage, then comes back out. I can only move my head but he wont fly if I am looking at him. He is a very silly boy.
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