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Flight Cages with Horizontal Bars??

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Hey everyone,

I am looking to get new cages for my p'lets and I would really love to get flight cages that get the cage higher up off the ground than the free standing cage I have atm because my birds only use the top half and I think they feel uncomfortable with me towering so much over them when I go near it. I will need to buy at least two cages (one for a bonded pair, and one for a single bird) so I'm not trying to spend more that $400 for each cage maximum.

That being said I want something like this:
Vertebrate Product Table Pet supply Rectangle

However, EVERY SINGLE one I have found has had the vertical bars and my birds like flying and climbing so I wanted to see if any of yall have recommendations for cages similar to the one above that have the horizontal bars? Extra points if it has an extra food door where I can attach the nestbox during mating season.

I have a feeling that the cage I want does not exist so I have been considering looking into making my own cages, my dad and I have experience with it however I am worried birds would simply eat away at the wood frame? Anyone have any success with DIY cages in the long term?

Any advice or cage recommendations are greatly appreciated! I hope yall have a great day!
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I love our flight cage which we bought second hand. It is on the Costco website in Canada (though available elsewhere). It has sufficient horizontal bars that Harry has no problem climbing.
Pet supply Rectangle Mesh Font Parallel

The price should be lower for you due to our Canadian dollars.
Pet supply Mesh Grille Pattern Automotive exterior
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Since I need two cages or maybe three I've been looking into this one:
Product Line Rectangle Font Parallel

What do yall think? my bonded pair would be in one without the divider which would be L 38" x H 21" x W 18" and I'm going to see if Poof and the baby I'm thinking of keeping get along well enough to share also but if any of them squabble they can have a personal L 19" x H 21" x W 18" cage to themselves with the dividers.
Theyre breeding cages so I'm thinking that it'll work well with what I need atm and it's also a good price.

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