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D-I-Y Aviary

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Alright, so I've recently acquired an older heavily used oak entertainment center that I think will make an excellent cage one day. I just have a few questions about the safety of the materials. I checked it on and oak wood without the bark and foliage is okay. But due to the previous damage and I don't know what sort of stain was used I'm going to sand it all down, I just don't know of any birdsafe stains/paints that I could use to make it look more like a piece of furniture afterwards... I heard nursery paint (non-toxic to human babies) would work, but I really don't want to take any chances. As for the wire, I was just going to use some hardware mesh. I know SS is preferred, but someone commented on the diy aviary on ehow that you can treat galvanized to remove the zinc hazard. Has anyone tried this? Also, not really a materials question, but should I provide a single parrotlet a nesting box?

Here's my vision...
Massive enclosed entertainment center with cabinets on the bottom on heavy duty rollers, with brakes. I'd like to kind of cut the ent. center down the middle and make it into two cages, 1 for my plet(s) and another for my wife's finches. I probably could cage them together because Jack loves playing with the finches, but I'd rather keep them seperate just in case. Also, in between the two cages I wanted to leave enough space for possible nesting boxes. The center has doors like an armoire too so I wouldn't have to use a cage cover either.

Anyways, let me know what you think.
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Pictures would help us envision it. I my self am not sure I would use any wire that is not "bird safe" to start...these little fellas are always climbing around on the cage and chewing it...just my opinion.
I( would be so afraid of killing my bird. I think even if you sand it down you don't know how far any of the wood treatment go into the wood. I know for bigger birds galvanized wire might work but parrotlets are so small it doe'snt take much to harm them. Stainless might be the only safe thing. IMO
RE:RE: D-I-Y Aviary

Alright, well I'll just use it as a guide to build a fresh one off of. I had intended to use SS, I was just wondering if anyone had tried the galvanized treatment, whatever/if it is.

Still though, any bird safe ways to stain wood? I know you can use food coloring to stain it, but I was looking for something a little more furniture-ish... If not looks like I'll be experimenting with mixing food coloring!

Thanks for the advice
If you can prevent the birds from having any access to the wood parts of the cabinet, you should be fine... I believe that's what some bird cabinet type cages do.
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