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Hi all! New here, but I have some pan recommendations for all my Canadian friends on this site! :)

I bought new sheet pans (cookie pans) and a pizza pan from La Pâtisserie, a brand which specifically says PTFE/PFOA free on the label (see photo). Not sure what exactly the non stick surface is, but it's nice to know it's guaranteed free of PTFE/PFOA. They were a decent price too - about $12CAN for the pizza pan and about $19CAN for a big sheet pan.

I got my pans from chef's paradise in Ottawa (a smaller kitchen shop) in person, ( but I think you can get them from linen chest too (online). I think this is the one I bought and the website doesn't say without PFTE, (for some reason? :confused:) but the label does. Of course, if you didn't want to order online you could check it out in person as linen chest has loads of stores.

They had tons of selection of products too - muffin tins, cookie sheets, baking sheets with higher sides, pizza pans, etc.

Anyway, bird tax. My p'let is called Montgomery (Monty) and he likes rock music, corn (probably Korn too) and sunflower seeds.


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