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Brought Baby Parrotlet Home Today!~~

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Hi Everybody~
Oliver came home today.:eek: His cage was completely set up and ready for him at a moment's notice. I brought him home in a cardboard carrier Bird Paradise provided me. He was pretty quiet the entire ride, and when we got home he was jumping to get out of his box when he heard my voice. As soon as I got him out I put him on a perch in his new cage, which he gladly welcomed, and then filled his bowls with water, food, and treats, & placed a bowl for food and a bowl for water, as well as spray millet, on the floor of the cage (as they suggested I do since he is so young). I stood there for a while and then let him be. When I checked on him, he seems to be completely content with no signs of distress or anything. I'm assuming this was a great/lucky transition that I can be glad for. However, I feel like I'm missing something--seemed too easy from the research I've done.
Any suggestions for the rest of the evening and the next couple days as he becomes acclimated to his new surroundings?
Thank you in advance for your insight!
Lindsey & Oliver:)
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I kind of just played it by ear. I let Cabo get accustomed to his cage for a few hours and then began just feeding him little bits of millet by hand to let him get adjusted to me and after just a few minutes he was already sitting on my finger eating single seeds off of my finger. I would watch the millet training video and start with that as far as some beginning training. It worked wonders for me.
Congrats to you and Oliver!! I think the best advice is just to take it slow and easy. I hope all goes well for you and wish you the best of luck with your new little buddy!
Oh! You must be simply jumping out of your skin with excitement!
I'm sure if you take things at his pace everything will go just fine!
I'm glad to hear Oliver seems to have settled in very well!!!
I'm barely able to sit still - my little girl comes home in a week =)
congratulations on your new P'let! sounds like he will settle in quickly. They are all different!
Sounds like a good transition. It probably helped that he's familar with your voice and probably helped him settle in a lot faster than other birds.
Congratulations on getting your new baby. Hope to see pictures of him soon!
Ooh you got your baby from Bird Paradise (in NJ?) They are terrific. You are so lucky. It sounds like is adjusting just fine. He will probably test you when he feels safe enough. Be ready for that. LOL Congrats Oliver sounds like a doll.:D
I'm so happy you got to bring home your lil guy. Can't wait to hear more about him as you get to know his personality!

Ooh you got your baby from Bird Paradise (in NJ?) They are terrific. You are so lucky.
Yep!... Bird Paradise in Burlington, NJ... Phil referred me to them when I was searching for a breeder/reputable store to find my little guy and had posted regarding that. (I am in no way affiliated with them as a business entity) I am very lucky and am very thankful they worked so well with me and my little guy. It has obviously paid off. I can not stress enough to everyone I talk to what a great store they are for birds, supplies, and accessories, & their staff is amazing and so knowledgeable and kind. They have an online store, too, so even people that aren't in the area can still shop there.:eek:
How old is he?? When I got my Oliver he was 7 weeks old and pretty wobbly on his feet. It was suggested to me that I place a towel on the bottom of his cage so that incase he fell when he was exploring his new surroundings he wouldn't hurt himself. This helped a lot because my poor boy fell A LOT in the first week - poor thing! He is a lot better on his feet now, but its just a thought, it helped my little guy a lot. Congrats on your new baby!!!
If you do place a towel in the cage be sure to pay attention if he begins to chew on it. I've read some bad stories about birds getting there toes trapped in the strings from chewed towels and fabric. I placed perches lower at first to get him used to jumping from perch to perch, since at the store he was in an aquarium. He seemed to catch on quick and now I have them all over his cage.
I just got my Parrotlet today and he is has been eating for like 4 hours straight! Is it possible for him to overeat or overfill his crop?
Congrats on your new baby! They are so much fun!
I just got my Parrotlet today and he is has been eating for like 4 hours straight! Is it possible for him to overeat or overfill his crop?
Hi Macbeck,
You may want to make a new post regarding this so more people see it--I'm not sure if this is serious or not??
Lindsey & Oliver:)
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