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Hiya everyone,
I have some bird toys and treats that I've been trying to sell, I'm based in the UK and could send to America but postage costs are more to send abroad.

Product Paint Plastic Food storage Household supply

Can split items up.
List of items: Small Parrot Hagen Hari Mix Opened but not used. 1.8kg
3 Adjustable Pipe Fitted Perches
A Perch Swing with a Large Bell
2 Large Bowls for Food or Water
2 Plastic Cage Feeders
2 Packs of Cage Clips
Sand Perches Small and Large
A Bird Bath
A Kracker Rollini Bird Treat Stick
A Red Landing Pad that hooks onto things
A Coconut Hideout
And a spray bottle.

Window Wood Hardwood Wire Metal

Bird Beak Parrot Pet supply Bird supply

Please message me for any info and prices, it's not going to be a lot of money as want your birdies to get the best deals.

Lots of love.

Kira and Dodi
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