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Best cuttlebone holder?

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What's the best cuttlebone holder? I bought this plastic one for Pickle, but she won't use it because it's scary. :LOL: The metal clips that come with the cuttlebones always break on me. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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There's nothing wrong with the treat clips carried many places though they may not work with the largest cuttlebones.
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I use these with Harry.
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I have a JW holder but it didn't work for my guy either! He kept falling off it. So, I got a steak knife and with the tip of the knife made a round hole near the top of the cuttlebone. I used some bird safe string or you could possibly use a plastic C clip to hang it up. Primitive, I know, but it worked. And, then I found out he doesn't even like cuttlebones! The stinker! He just liked climbing on the holder! lol
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