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Christine and I cleaned out our spare bedroom to make it cozy for the sugar gliders, Baby, and the cats. We have a T.V., book case, etc in the room too. Well, I've noticed that since we moved Baby into the room she has been very well behaved. She used to scream and beg for attention whenever she was in the dining area.

They other day when I was coming home, I heard some chirping (kinda screaming) and I noticed the the dryer vent had some birds living in it. This vent is right underneath the window where Baby's cage used to be. I've head this for quite some time now.

Do you think they were getting on Baby's nerves and that's why she was so grumpy before? She's been so well behaved!

Even the cats are happy and have been well behaved. Maybe they're just happy to have their own space.
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