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Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since i’ve put a message on here! haha!

So basically, a bit of back story first:

I got my first parrotlet boy in 2019, and have gained quite a strong relationship with him. He has coke a very long way, as I have no breeders anywhere nearby and the only way to get a p’let was to ‘order’ one through my local pet shop (terrible i know ☹). Anyway, so I got him out of the shop as quickly as possible once he was there, and of course he was terrified of everything. Took me around a year for me to even get him on my hand- but now i’ll just be lying in bed and hell fly over onto my arm and act cute to get me to give him a sunflower seed hehehe!

So come the end of 2021 and him and I have a great relationship, but I am now not able to be with him as often as I would like. There is always somebody at home, and we do have a few other types of birds in the house, but Peppermint was my only boy, and I felt terrible him being on his own for the majority of the day. So I had the idea in my head for a very long time of getting a second p’let one day it made an impromptu decision (I originally persuaded my dad to get one but he got diamond doves instead) to! The order for a little green girl was in.

So i got her a cage and all of her own stuff then she finally arrived. I went and took her home and had Peppermint and Applemint opposite sides of my room at first but she seemed so much more brave then my boy was at first. So i moved their cages next to each other. All they wanted to do was be with eachother but i was reluctant to let them out as they had only been together for around 2 hours hahahahah!

The next day, I let Peppermint out on his own, and he was interested- but not overly to the point that he had been with my sisters budgies. So my dad came in (he has had experience with birds before), and told me to just let them out together! I said absolutely no way, they only just met yesterday. Then- he opened Apples cage hahahahah! I was so scared!!

Their faces were right next to eachother and the completely unexpected happens. He started feeding her and doing his funky dance!! Give it 2 minutes, and the day after they met they did none other than… mate. A lot.

So the thing is, Peppermint is around 3 years and 4 months, and she (I would estimate because I don’t know her age exactly) is roughly 1 year old.

They sleep in the same cage (by choice) and spend all of their time together.

So they tend to mate 2-3 times nearly every day- every other day. I did research and put a nesting box in Apples cage (i don’t have anywhere to put it outside, and they don’t really spend most of their time in there anyway, they mainly just use it for extra food and mess hahaha), just on the off chance that they do end up breeding.

So i wanted to ask if anybody knew whether it was possible for them to mate this much and not have babies. I don’t mind if they do, as we have had experience with our birds breeding before, for example my dads diamond dove is laying eggs as we speak! But we are by no means breeders, so I would love any information or advice that anybody can share :)

Sorry for the essay! Many thanks to everyone!

Freya, Peppermint and Applemint :)
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Hi there and welcome back! They are absolutely beautiful and how great that they bonded so well so quickly. I unfortunately have no insight for you on this as I have never experienced it. I will be interested to hear other’s perspectives though.

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They are a cute couple...... Love the pics

I have had bonded pairs that mated regularly that did not reproduce. From what I can tell most of reproduction is up to the female. If she does not feel like laying eggs then no babies. My female did not lay eggs.
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