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Hi folks!

Thanks for having me. I’m a long-time budgie owner and was once a member of Talk Budgies (when I was a kid, haha), so happy to be here!

As it happens, I no longer own budgies. I’ve grown up and moved out of my mom’s place, now I’m looking into breeders for my very own parrotlet! I’ve always liked a bird with a bit of an attitude; my family complained that my cockatiel was mean, but I felt nobody took the time to understand him! 🥺

This time around, I’ll be well-informed enough to help my friends and family learn how to interact with a birdie. I’m hoping to find a breeder in my area who wouldn’t mind working with me for a while, as I think it might take some time to find the right baby bird. I’m prepared for that, and I’m in no rush to find the right baby!

I know that we can’t post about breeders on the forum, so please PM me if you know of any reputable breeders in the area 🥺🙏
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