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If Charles is still hormonal your might add another hour of sleep every night until he is through with the Terrible Two's. (They don't call them terrible for nothing, do they?) :ROFLMAO: Giving them extra darkness every night makes them think it is wintertime and not the best time to mate. Also, diet plays a factor, so do not give him too much protein, or foods that are high in fat, sugar, and carbs. Cut back on the fruit and nuts for now. No human snacks - these are usually high energy foods. The last thing a hormonal bird needs is more energy! The good news is that "this too shall pass." Your cutie pie will be a sweet birdie again! Love the pic, by the way! He's a beautiful blue! 💙Once he is over his hormonal period, you can try giving him back his "girlfriend" toy. If it does not cause him to become hormonal, he can keep it, but if it does, then you need to remove it permanently.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts