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Mango, BN pleco:

lightning and thunder, past hamsters: 2021-05-09-6 2021-05-09-2

some silvertip tetras (school of 10): 2021-06-01-1

Dogs (no pics, sry) Mika, Aussie, 15 years old, female, from a shelter
Holly, black Labrador, 4 years old, female, from a breeder
Piper, Pitbull, 3 years old, female, rehomed

(hopefully) future pets:

Hammond, Syrian hamster, around 8 months, male, came from and abuse case

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Oh my! You have quite the little zoo! 馃槃 I bet they keep you busy! Do you take care of them all yourself? That hamster is adorable 馃槏
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