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Advice appreciated :)

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Hello again everyone!

Firstly I’d like to say, I am no means a breeder, and I will just allow my birds to have 1 clutch of chicks if possible, as I don’t want them to overwork themselves :) Just letting nature take it course! :)

In my last post I was asking about the likelihood of egg, and all i needed to do was wait and see hahaha!

I have 2 parrotlets, a blue boy and green girl, who have recently started laying (within the last 6months). The first clutch was completed, I waited around 32 days from when the first egg was laid and then candled them, and sadly there were no fertile eggs. Skip to around 3 months ago and Apple had begun to lay another clutch. After about a month, I candled them again and there was 1 egg that had an almost fully developed baby that had sadly not made it (there was a small crack on the side of the egg, so i think Apple accidentally cracked it when moving it). This meant that there was a possibility for babies!

So, the point of my post here, is that Apple has been showing signs of nesting again, and I would greatly appreciate any advice that anybody may have to give- in regards to any area of breeding so that I am completely prepared! (alongside my own research of course hahaha)

I do have 2 questions in particular though. Firstly, I have still got Apple’s cage in my room, incase I ever needed to separate my pair and I was going to keep the babies in there when they should be separated from the parents, when is best to separate them? Also, what are your thoughts on ringing the legs of the babies? At the moment I believe that I will not do it, out of fear that I will hurt them.

Many thanks to any help! :)
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