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You will need:

-Disposable vegetable tray with lid
-a bag of seed mix
-soil free of toxic chemicals/vegetable garden soil
-clean water
-spray bottle
-wooden spoon
-Scratch Awl (hole punch screw driver)
-lighter or stove

Step 1:
Clean Awl and heat the tip with a lighter or stove flame then poke a few holes in the bottom of each section of the of the tray for drainage. Repeat with lid.

Step 2: Fill each section of the tray with soil. Do this in a bathtub or large sink basin.

Step 3: Fill each section of dirt with water until it is almost to the point of overflowing. Mix with the handle of the spoon until it is very moist and slightly muddy. You may need to add more water depending on how dry the soil is.

Once each section is done, let drain for several minutes.

Step 4: Mix up the soil with the spoon handle so the surface is open and has many small hills and valleys in it. Sprinkle seeds all over the surface then slightly smooth over the soil to cover most of the seeds.

Step 5: Put the lid on the tray and set someplace where it can easily drain or on a large dinner plate to collect extra water.

Step 6: Mist 1-2 times daily. Remove lid once it starts to obstruct growth.

Step 7: Once the sprouts are to the desired size, pull them and rinse well then serve as desired.

Sprouts with peas, carrots, seeds, and topped with oyster shell powder

Zane, Babu, and Jewel enjoying a snack

When replanting:
Remove soil from the vegetable tray and let dry for a few days to stop all possible mold growth. Wash the tray with soap and water then restart from "Step 2"

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What a nice idea! I've never done any "sprouting" but you make it look easy and fun. Thanks!
Thanks, I can't do water sprouting to save my life so I started doing soil sprouting and haven't had an issue since. The biggest thing to remember is to have live seeds and to water; other than that, nature does most of the work for you. :)
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