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Okay, so it's been 4 weeks since I bought my now 7-month old bird from the pet shop.

My bird was never too afraid of my body, but is/was deathly afraid of my hands, since those are the scary big bad things that forcibly pick him up from the ground (came with wings clipped). During the past 3 weeks (left him alone for 1 week with food bowl inside cage to get acclimated to new environment) I've been putting his food bowl on my desk next to the cage, so that he has to travel outside to eat.

Now that he's beginning to be comfortable and only seems to hate my hands and not other parts of my body, today is the first day I put his food in my hand; took him a few hours to actually get on my hand and eat, but he did it!

So if your bird is afraid of your hands, try putting food in your hand and just leaving it there for him to look at, investigate, then hopefully eventually come on over!
Over the next few weeks hopefully he will learn to trust my big scary hands!

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