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  1. Your Parrotlet's Health
    Hello everyone! I'm new here but need advice! I own two Parrotlet's now, the first one is Fidget, my blue pied male, and Ripley is my second birb but he's still a youngin, he's a turquoise yellow pied. Fidget has been great since last August, the sweetest thing, didn't charge at me or bite...
  2. Parrotlet Talk
    Buddy thought I was trying to murder him or rip his entire wing off when I attempted to simply touch and hold his wing. Good grief! All I'm trying to do is get him used to having his feathered arm trimmed so he can't fly off or get injured. Man, he was very unhappy with me. LOL. Any...
  3. Parrotlet Talk
    Hi Folks, I need advice to correct a big mistake I made. Bean is clipped but only so much as needed to keep him from flying up into the rafters and bossing everyone around. He is a good navigator and quite capable to go where he wants so long as it's not one end of the house to the other...
1-3 of 3 Results