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    i just had to go back again! and today - i fell in love with cockatiels! theyve made the aviary for rescued love birds and teils into a walk in one, so i got to go and play with those today aswell. before today, id never really met any teils, id only really seen thm in the back of dank pet...
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    more pictures from another one of our days spent playing with birds :D sun burnt shoulders and macaw feet are a bad combination though, but other than that another amazing day when i get my film back tommorow ill scan them in and put them up too, but here are the pics from my digital camera
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    i couldnt wait untill summer to go again! so i spent all day playing with and fussing all the birds!!! and on the way home we went to a nice big bird shop, to look at yet more birds and get some treats and toysformy babies heres some of my pics; this one stuck to my mum like glue..untill...
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    Just wondering if any ones ever herd of this palce before, but i went there this summer just gone and had an amazing time so i just thougt it was worth telling you about. it was such a good day! they have a small park area where they let the birds fly free...
1-4 of 4 Results